Recommended Apps

We recommend the following apps be downloaded to your phone:

Top Priority - For your digital security
  • Google ( Android | Apple ) - Log in using your KW email account. We will use this for two-step verification on your account

Top Priority - For running your business
  • Kelle ( Android | Apple ) - Think of this as your real estate version of Siri or Alexa. Login using your intranet username and password.
  • DotLoop ( Android | Apple ) - For writing and sharing contracts
  • Supra eKEY ( Android | Apple ) - If you purchase your Supra eKEY (lockbox key) prior to our onboarding session, Supra will take care of setting up this app for you.

Top Priority - For marketing
  • Keller Williams Real Estate ( Android | Apple ) - You will want to share this app with everyone - especially those in the market for a home.

Lower Priority - For running your business
  • Hurdlr ( Android | Apple ) - You will create an account using your KW email and add Keller Williams as an "Income Source." This will help you track your income, mileage, and expenses.
  • Market Leader ( Android | Apple ) - If you want to access your database via a web app
  • ShowingTime ( Android | Apple ) - We will set up your ShowingTime login during the Onboarding Consultation if you have not yet set it up prior to our appointment.

Lower Priority - For Marketing
  • KW Video ( Android | Apple ) - A great way to use videos to reach the consumer. Login using your intranet username and password
  • HomeKeepr ( Android | Apple ) - An app to help your sphere maintain their home, access your vendor directory, and do a home inventory. Login using your KW email address and password.
  • HomeKeepr Pro ( Android | Apple ) - You will use this app to manage the content of the HomeKeepr app above, including adding clients and vendors. Login using your KW email address and password. (NOTE: This is a separate app from #2. Please download both if you have room on your phone)